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Infographic: How to charge a deposit fee in the sharing economy

Infographic: How to charge a deposit fee in the sharing economy

As more people are opting to share rather than purchase, the sharing economy has meant that you can easily run a business from your own home. One of the key benefits to participating in these side hustles is that you can start with a few […]

Access Is The New Ownership

Access Is The New Ownership

Find what you need on TurtlShell.com. The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day. That is 70% more than the world average of 2.6 pounds per person, per day. That is 258 million tons of trash a year. (Source: EPA) Rapid increases in […]

How TurtlShell Works

How TurtlShell Works




Find what you need.

Use the search feature at the top of the TurtlShell page to find what you’re looking for or browse through the categories on the left-hand side. Listings matching your criteria will be displayed.

When browsing a listing, make sure the item matches your criteria:

  • The item’s description indicates that it meets your needs.
  • The rental period matches your needs (daily, monthly, etc.)
  • You will be able to meet at the location listed to pick up your rental.

​If you have any questions, be sure to message the lender before requesting a rental.


Choose your dates.

Choose the length of your rental by entering in Start and End dates. Also, choose preferred times for pickup and drop off.


Make a payment.

You will be taken to a checkout page where you can make a payment for your request. You will be charged only if the lender accepts the transaction within 24 hours. If the lender declines or does not respond, no charge is made.


Meet to pickup the rental.

Meet the lender at an agreed upon time to pickup the rental. Do a thorough inspection of the rental and make sure all parts are there. Mark the order as complete on your transaction page. You will not be able to receive a return on your deposit until you do so.


Return the rental

Meet the lender at an agreed upon time to return the rental. Typically, you will meet in the same location you picked up the rental. Clarify with the lender if this is unclear.





Set up your payment account.

You will need to setup a Stripe account in order to receive payments for your rentals and have your identity and banking information verified.

Click your user icon and go to Settings > Payments to finishing setting this up.


Make a new listing. 

Click the “Post” button next to your user icon. Choose the category for your item.

Choose a title and price for your listing. The rental price will be set for the time ranges you choose (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, semester). Please make multiple listings for multiple time range types of the same item. TurtlShell takes a 20% service fee from each transaction. This includes any third party processing fees.

Provide a detailed description of the item. You will also need to provide a meeting location to give the renters the listed item. Choose a safe and public place to meet. Expect to receive the item in the same location when it is returned unless you make a different agreement with the renter. It is highly recommended that you post photos of your item along with your description. You may include a deposit fee and preferred pickup/drop off times.


Accept a rental request. 

When a renter makes a request, you will need to review and accept the request within 24 hours. Before accepting, message the renter to confirm meeting time and location and return time and location.

Meet to hand over and pick up the rental.

Do a thorough inspection of your item before meeting. You will meet the renter at the agreed upon time and location in order to hand over the rental and have it returned to you. Return the deposit fee from the rental request page.


How to make money on TurtlShell

How to make money on TurtlShell

Take a photo, list the price, and start earning. Walk into your room, closet, or garage, and count how many times you used all the items you own. Think, how much did you paid for that set of tools, movie projector, bike, tent…you name it. […]

Textbook prices are rising.

The rising price of textbooks have made it more and more difficult for students to make ends meet when attending university or college. Last year, we looked at some of the costs of textbook prices at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and found that […]